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Warminster Real Estate Attorneys

Our Attorneys' Success in Real Estate Matters

McCullough Eisenberg has an extensive history of successful real estate actions involving the sale and purchase of real property, aggressive litigation in protecting the rights of persons who may have been the subject of real estate fraud, and, coordinated, with its all-embracing debtors’ rights’ bankruptcy representation, the preservation of the rights of property owners against foreclosure, and the imposition of wrongful liens and other charges upon one’s real property.

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Buying & Selling Real Estate in Buck County

Buying, leasing or selling real property requires a written contract, inspections, oversight, and settlement, which means that you will need to retain the services of a competent and knowledgeable real estate attorney, whether the property is a residence, commercial real estate or for investment income. The real estate attorneys at McCullough Eisenberg, LLC will help ensure that the process of buying, leasing or selling a property proceeds to protect and enhance your interests.

Real Estate Fraud

Too often, buyers and sellers, owners and tenants, are the victims of real estate fraud. Real Estate fraud ranges from materially false statements inducing a buyer or seller to act against their own interests, producing untrue reports and ignoring required disclosures.

For most people, Real Estate is the most expensive transactions in any one person’s lifetime. The Warminster real estate lawyers at McCullough Eisenberg, LLC will protect those interests.

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