Real Estate

Buying or selling property requires a contract, which may mean that you will want to hire a Pennsylvania real estate attorney before you find the perfect home or commercial building. Depending on your goals and concerns, McCullough Eisenberg, LLC can help ensure that the process of buying or selling a property goes as smoothly as possible.

What is Real Estate?

Real estate is a term that refers to land and any item that is placed on that land, such as a house or a commercial building. In most cases, it discusses personal property in the form of a house. It may also refer to an office building, factory, large equipment or any other building that is located on company land.

When you are buying or selling real estate, a qualified and experienced Pennsylvania real estate attorney can protect your interests and ensure that the contract is fair for your goals. Even if the contract is very complicated, McCullough & Eisenberg will explain the details and jargon so that you are fully aware and informed about the details of your contact.

The Inspection

In general, it is best to hire an inspector and have the property evaluated before buying the house or commercial property. An inspection refers to the process of ensuring that the house does not have any obvious problems, such as foundation repairs, mold growth or a leaking roof. If the inspection shows a problem, then a buyer may ask for appropriate repairs or walk away from the purchase. Attorney Stuart Eisenberg and Attorney Carol McCullough can help you make sure your inspection is fair and legal.

Closing and Deed

Closing on a property is the settlement after both parties have agreed to the terms of a sale. During the process, your attorney will explain your rights and help you understand the closing statement so that your rights are protected.

You will not receive a deed until after purchasing the home. When a deed is given to the buyer, the transfer of ownership is completed.

Real estate law is often complex, so working with an experienced attorney can protect your rights and ensure that your contract is fair. Hire McCullough Eisenberg, LLC before you start the process to buy or sell real estate.