Civil Litigation, Fraud, Personal Injury, Criminal Law

Civil Litigation, Fraud, Personal Injury, Criminal Law

A quality lawyer is someone who does well in court, but it’s also someone who can handle your sensitive personal injury case with respect, compassion and skill. With nearly 60 years of combined experience, that’s exactly what we offer at McCullough Eisenberg, LLC.

We represent individuals and families in personal injury cases in Montgomery County, Bucks County and other areas throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our cases have touched on a wide range of personal injury issues, all of which involve suffering brought on by the negligent or indifferent actions of others.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims can include cases of physical injury or harm and wrongful death, but they also extend into other areas that cause financial or emotional duress. They include cases involving civil litigation, fraud and criminal law.

Civil litigation: This involves a legal dispute of a non-criminal nature, usually seeking damages in the form of money or some type of service that was promised but never delivered.

Fraud: Personal injury from fraud involves deceptive practices on the part of an individual or businesses that lead to financial or other losses.

Criminal law: Criminal personal injury cases seek to compensate the victim for pain and suffering brought on during the execution of a crime.

If You Have Been Harmed

McCullough Eisenberg, LLC has represented individuals with claims involving:

  • Fatal and non-fatal car and motorcycle accidents
  • Commercial vehicle and semi-truck accidents
  • Head injury, back injury and fatal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Birth defects and cerebral palsy
  • Medical malpractice

Free Consultation from McCullough Eisenberg, LLC

At your free initial consultation, we’ll be honest with you about your case and the chances of achieving your goals. Some claims can be solved through reasonable negotiation and fair settlements, while litigation is the best option for others. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.