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The practice of law is a helping profession-not just a business.

Attorneys McCullough and Eisenberg

We haven’t forgotten.
At McCullough Eisenberg, LLC, we’re more concerned with solving our clients’ problems than with just doing business. As attorneys, we help people and businesses throughout THE Delaware valley, including Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties and provide not just experience and skill, but also dedicated and passionate legal representation.
In other words, we provide more.

An Intellectual and Practical Approach

It takes more than just a law degree to provide a person with the legal representation to best protect that client’s interests. And likewise. not every legal problem is best resolved on plain facts and book learning.

Our attorneys, Carol McCullough and Stuart Eisenberg, take a well~reasoned and practical approach to helping clients achieve the right solutions to their legal concerns. And whether it’s a class action lawsuit or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a lawyer from our firm has experience, knowledge, and skill you need to find your solution starting right now.
Our law office is client~friendly and personable and we do our best to always make you feel comfortable and welcome. The help we provide is for your benefit.

As a law firm, we handle litigation and appellate work in the majority of our practice areas and have a particularly long history of enthusiasm in our representation of consumers. Ms. McCullough is admitted to oractice in both New Jersev and in the state and federal courts of Pennsvlvania. Mr. Eisenbera. admitted to practice in the state and federal courts in Pennsylvania, has published manuals on collection law and creditor’s rights and practices.
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