Bucks County and Montgomery County Bankruptcy Attorneys

McCullough Eisenberg, LLC, located in Bucks County  is a consumer-oriented law firm serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area, primarily the Counties of Bucks, Montgomery, and Northeast Philadelphia, with an emphasis on Bankruptcy, Debtor’s Rights, Defense of law suits in Bucks County and Montgomery County involving foreclosure, credit card collections other actions against consumers, and real estate transactions including fraud.  Furthermore, the firm conducts Consumer Class Actions, and handles claims for Personal Injury, Legal and Medical Malpractice, , and Criminal Law, including DUI.


McCullough Eisenberg, LLC, based in Warminster, Bucks County and serving the legal needs of individuals and small businesses in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Southeastern Pennsylvania, is a comprehensive, yet personalized law firm, catering to the needs of persons who require advice, counsel, protection, and representation in matters involving bankruptcy, consumer debt and business debt, and persons who have been victimized by mortgage companies, banks, lawyers, or other individuals or businesses. These matters are handled individually or as class actions.  You will always meet with an experienced attorney.

The core of the firm’s debtor representation is consumer and small business bankruptcy with McCullough Eisenberg, LLC having handled more than thirty-five hundred in Chapters 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcies[1], making it one of the most recognized, honored, comprehensive and successful bankruptcy law firms in the five County area: primarily Bucks County and Montgomery County and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Bankruptcy can eliminate certain debt such as credit card debt, some tax debt, and even second mortgages and home equity loans under defined circumstances. Bankruptcy can provide a means of saving assets, such as your home and motor vehicles, when debtors have incurred arrears by providing a means by which the consumer can repay – cure – past due amounts over a period of time.

Accordingly, McCullough Eisenberg, LLC assists debtors in resolving issues that are mortgage-related, or involve the over-extension or over-expenditure of credit card and revolving charge debt, overcharging by creditors, and other debt-related issues. McCullough Eisenberg, LLC’s expertise in the federal “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act”, the “Fair Credit Reporting Act”, “RESPA”, and Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s Consumer Protection statutes.

As a result, McCullough Eisenberg, LLC has established itself as one of the foremost recognized and consumer-oriented and consumer-friendly Bankruptcy and consumer law firms in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and Class Action law firms in national and regional actions against mortgage companies[2], credit card issuers, debt buyers, and other creditors for imposing wrongful charges and overcharges on borrowers whom the United States Congress calls “the least sophisticated consumer”: The American consumer is thus virtually helpless in the consumer’s dealings with his/her mortgage company, bank, credit card issuer, and other debt collectors unless the debtor has the protective support of law firms such as McCullough Eisenberg, LLC.

McCullough Eisenberg, LLC has an extensive history of successful real estate actions involving the sale and purchase of real property, aggressive litigation in protecting the rights of persons who may have been the subject of real estate fraud, and, coordinated with its all-embracing debtors’ rights’ bankruptcy representation, the preservation of the rights of property owners against foreclosure, and the imposition of wrongful liens and other charges upon one’s real property.  The real estate section of the law firm operates primarily in Montgomery County and Bucks County and Southeastern Pennsylvania.